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What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Typically Handle?

Our firm handles pretty much any case that involves an injury. We find serious injuries preferable to minor injuries for the purposes of the lawsuit, although not necessarily for the client. We handle a lot of accident and slip and fall cases. I have a case at the moment involving an injury that occurred on a water slide at a theme park.

What Interested You In Practicing Personal Injury Law?

I was interested in practicing personal injury law because I wanted to make sure that victims of personal injury are properly compensated and that their medical bills are taken care of. Oftentimes people are in a high state of distress and they need an attorney to take the weight off of their shoulders. Personal injury law is an area of the law where good lawyering can really make a difference, and I like that. If somebody is not represented, or if they have a sloppy lawyer, then they don’t get properly compensated.

If you do a good job for them, advocate aggressively, and show that you have the right expertise, you can really make a big difference as far as the compensation that the client receives. If you are doing a competent job responding to their inquiries, answering their phone calls, and letting them see that you’re really trying your best, then that takes the weight off of their shoulders. It can be quite a stressful event and can continue to be quite a stressful event. It’s an area of the law where doing a good job makes a big difference.

What Are The Top Misconceptions About The Personal Injury Recovery Process?

People often have unrealistic expectations as to the amount of damages they’re going to get. Some people just think that a case is worth more than it is. They have misconceptions as to how conservative juries can be. They also don’t fully understand how aggressive defendants can be- especially insurance companies. They often think that insurance companies are going to act in good faith when that client’s clearly liable, but they don’t understand the games that are played by the insurance industry and its attorneys. Sometimes they just don’t understand the law. A good example is when people think that just because they’ve slipped and fallen in a store, that liability is clear. The law, however, doesn’t say that. For a slip and fall case, you have to show that the occupier of the building knew there was something on the floor and had adequate time to clean it up. So, there are many times when they fail to see that the defendant has a valid defense.

Is Filing A Personal Injury Claim A Simple Or A Complex Process?

Depending on the case, filing a personal injury claim may be a simple or complex process. Sometimes the insurance company will fold and pay up relatively quickly, and often that would depend on the insurance coverage. If the insured person only has a certain amount of money to pay up, then sometimes the insurance company will just give what’s called policy limits. Other times, they fight tooth and nail. It just depends on the defendants. If you’re suing a doctor or an attorney and their professional reputation is at stake, the insurance company will fight until the bitter end. So, it really depends. If you have a product liability case, they’ll tend to fight a lot harder than they would in an automobile accident case where you’ve been rear-ended by somebody. If you’ve been rear-ended by another driver, then it’s very hard for the insurance company to say that it’s not their client’s fault. So, it’s totally varied.

Do Most Personal Injury Cases Go To Trial Or Do They Settle?

Most personal injury cases settle. I don’t know the exact statistics, but certainly less than 5% of personal injury lawsuits end up in trial. Normally, the parties involved can arrive at a reasonable compromise.

Should I Notify My Own Insurance Company If I Have Been In An Auto Accident?

If you’re involved in an accident, it might be prudent to notify your own insurance company. You definitely need to get the important information from the other driver. Obviously, you will want to ask them if they have insurance. Typically they will have insurance because it is required in order to register a car in California. After you’ve gotten those details, you want to contact a competent personal injury attorney and let them deal with the other person’s insurance company.

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