The Law Offices Of Jonathan C. Capp Esq.

Lawyer Endorsements

“I endorse this lawyer. Jonathan has been a hard-working and honest lawyer who always came up with creative approach to legal issues and helping others without asking anything in return. I found his integrity, his commitment to the practice of the law and his dedication to the practice of the law impressive during all the years that I have been acquainted with him. Jonathan is an expert in immigration law and in general litigation, having practice for over fifteen years in Europe and in the United States. His clients have ranged from South Americans to Europeans seeking to navigate commercial and immigration law to do business in the U.S. Jonathan has also been willing to help colleagues and clients in time of need and has extended all kinds of professional courtesy not only to attorneys collaborating on a project but also to opposing counsel. His friendliness, dedication to the law, honesty and truthfulness is a refreshing breath of fresh air. I will always appreciate his selflessness.”

Alexandra Manbeck

“I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Capp as local counsel for him in an exceptionally complex civil case. As is always the case with complex civil litigation, there were several opportunities to lose. However, at each turn and in response to several defense motions, Attorney Capp not only superbly argued our case, he garnered my professional respect and admiration as he not only avoided the case being dismissed, he forced the defendants whose conduct he was questioning to come to the table with a very large settlement. Overall, I was very impressed with Jonathan and I am proud to consider him a colleague.”

Stephen Kopolow, Debt Collection Attorney