The Law Offices Of Jonathan C. Capp Esq.

Client Testimonials

“My wife slipped and fell and sustained quite serious injuries when falling at an airport. The insurance company fought tooth-and-nail and only paid up after the jury had been sworn in.

I believe that once they saw Mr. Capp interact with the jury they knew they were going to lose big. They texted us a confidential settlement (they insisted on this) offer early in the morning on the 1st day of trial which exceeded our expectations.

I thoroughly recommended Mr. Capp.”

Michel S.

“Mr. Capp represented both myself and my spouse in federal court and who was seriously injured when she slipped and fell in a major international airport in the United States. He was extremely tenacious and completely dedicated to our case. The insurance company fought tooth and nail, disputing liability at every turn, and only settled after we had selected the jury for an amount which they insisted on being confidential since it far exceeded our expectations.”

A Satisfied Client

“The attorney for the insurance company was visibly shocked when the jury rendered the verdict in my favor for my back injury case. Mr. Capp’s management of the case was superb.”

Robert A.

“Mr. Capp took on a large household name corporation and their army of lawyers on behalf of myself and others and achieved a fantastic result. We ended up getting a multi-million dollar settlement. We struggled to find a lawyer who had the balls and dedication to take our case.”

Mike M.

“Jonathan was able to achieve a favorable outcome in my litigation matter. I am very pleased with the results. He kept me well informed throughout the process and he always answered my calls and e-mails.”


“Jonathan Capp handled a civil lawsuit for me. I was delighted with this embracing professional knowledge combined with his sincere and caring manner. Throughout the year long process, he kept me fully informed and displayed a shrewd and balanced sense of judgment. At all times I felt confident that I was being represented by a highly capable and resourceful lawyer.”

Bernard B.